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Dolphins, surfers, catch a wave together with wild Australian surge

One of the most memorable natural sights imaginable occurs when dolphins crash a lineup to ride waves.

It leaves surfers in the background, generally in awe.

It was recently the case in Sydney, Australia, when at least two dozen dolphins exhibited their dominance by streaking past surfers to memorably catch a wave.

The surfers were left in their backwater.

The Daily Mail reports the aerial footage was captured by Shaun Petersen of the Dolphin Swim Schol.

Petersen has wide experience in watching dolphins from his own surfing career.

“It was a sunny Autumn April 2019 at a beautiful surf break where a pod of dolphins showed up to give the handful of surfers in the water a show of their dolphin skills!

“And what a show they did put on! One of my most [favourite] captures to date!”

His footage has been share to Instagram and has already gained more than xxx,xxx views.


Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

Some more rain and not as hot

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