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Fear Your Roof Repairs

Repairing your roof is not something you should ever put off. Roofs are often taken for granted, but are essential to maintaining your home’s safety. When roofs are damaged or poorly repaired, you risk a collapsed roof, poor insulation, trapped moisture, and more. In fact, mold and mildew from a poorly repaired or leaky roof can affect your health.

Home Care, From the Top Down: 8 Steps to Inspecting Your Roof

Be honest: when it comes to home maintenance, sometimes you forget about your roof, right? Well, you’re not alone! The two most common causes of water damage in the home come from flooded basements and leaky roofs. You should have a roof inspection done at least twice a year, and after every storm or severe weather event. You don’t always need to call a professional to inspect the roof – here’s an eight-step, do-it-yourself task that’s simple, quick and money-saving.

Warning! August 25th Is the Last Day to File a Claim for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated homes all across Corpus Christi, Texas last year, and the aftermath was even worse. The last thing you wanted to do after coming home was to deal with the flooding and destruction, especially handling the legal work of it all. However, time is running out to file a claim for damages from Hurricane Harvey. Did you know that filing this claim has a deadline?

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