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FACT CHECK: Dry Drowning

June 21 marks the official start of summer, and with that comes hordes of people visiting pools and beaches. Several incidences have been reported of children gulping in water at the pool, seem ok, then stop breathing hours later. This tragic scenario is the focus of today’s Fact Check. Fact Check: It is possible for someone to die from drowning hours after getting out of the water. Our KRIS 6 Fact Check Team researched this topic, and it is a Fact. Many people refer to it …

Fact Check: Are license plate frames illegal?

License plate frames, whether they come from the car dealer, or put on by the vehicle’s owner; many, if not most cars have them. A post that has been circulating on social media has called their legality into question, claiming that a frame that covers any words on a license plate is illegal.

Fact Check: H-E-B Voucher

If you’ve been on Facebook, you’ve probably seen an H-E-B coupon being shared. The link claims H-E-B. is giving out 1,000 vouchers for $200 to celebrate its birthday, and is the focus of today’s Fact Check.

Fact Check: Pay History

If you’re hunting for a summer job, today’s fact check will be of particular interest to you. Our Fact Check question today asks, fact or fiction… are prospective employers allowed to ask about your pay history when you apply for a job?

Fact Check: Are internet claims about a Texas teenager facing the death penalty true?

An online rumor about two murder suspects is the focus of today’s KRIS 6 News Fact Check. An image of a pair of mug shots, side by side, is circulating on the internet.   The image shows Taymor McIntyre, a 17-year-old arrested in connection to two separate capital murders in Texas. The other mug shot is Dimitrios Pasourtzis, the suspect in last week’s mass shooting at Santa Fe High School that left 8 students and two teachers dead. The photo shows similarities betw…

Fact Check: Can Corpus Christi impose a “soda tax”?

We’ve been reporting for weeks that the City of Corpus Christi is facing a $20 million budget shortfall. Last Tuesday, two men asked the City Council to consider what other cities across the nation have done and that is to impose a "Soda Tax".

Fact Check: ‘Mr. President’

President Donald Trump has become a frequent presence in the news, as are most presidents, but how he’s referenced is the subject of today’s Fact Check.

FACT CHECK: Is sunscreen tax exempt?

As temperatures rise in the Coastal Bend, more and more people a heading out to local beaches, and anyone who has been in the South Texas sun should know that sunscreen is a necessity. Our Fact Check question today asks: Is sunscreen exempt from sales tax? The KRIS 6 Fact Check team did some research and found the answer is yes, sunscreen is a tax exempt product. So, if you buy sunscreen, you shouldn’t be paying sales tax on it. Sunscreen has been exempt from sales tax sin…

Fact Check: Can the Coastal Bend get hit by a Tsunami?

Last week, a false tsunami alarm sparked a wave of alarm interest for people heading to school and work. After the event, our KRIS 6 News Fact Check team looked into if the Coastal Bend could ever face a real tsunami threat?

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