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7 Best STEM Gifts for the Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and with it comes your child’s holiday wish list! Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, these gifts will delight. One of the best ways to inspire kids to explore new things is by making it fun for them to do so — so why not encourage STEM education with fun, yet educational gifts? Check out these seven best STEM gifts for the holiday season:

1. A Code Your Own Games Kit

Games like Minecraft and Fortnite have captured the attention of kids across the globe but why not give your kid the gift of making one of their own? This software, produced by MIT, provides step-by-step guidance for your child to create up to twenty unique games, all through the magic of coding.

2. A Coloring Chemistry Set

Kids learn from an early age that the word “chemistry” usually means images of test tubes boiling over with some greenish goo, and small explosions when you mix two together. With this chemistry set, they can have all the fun of making gooey, fluorescent creations, all while learning about chemistry at the same time!

3. A Good ‘Ol Fashioned LEGO Set

LEGO’s have been inspiring children to build whimsical towers, flying cars, and land-moored pirate ships for over 80 years. This set, which gives your kid endless possibilities to build their very own Rube Goldberg machines, teaches them just how fun engineering and problem solving can be.

4. Terrarium It Up

Building your own terrarium has become a fun, popular activity that kids have loved over the past year. Help your child learn about Biology and Botany by having them grow their very own terrarium from scratch with a terrarium kit.

5. A Play Vet Set

Tap into the love your child has for their pets with this examine and treat vet set. The kit helps your child think about a career in a STEM field, all while having fun and taking care of the (stuffed animal version) of the pets they love.

6. A Harry Potter Coding Kit

Yep, you read that right. The wizarding world, which uses quills and owls to communicate and hasn’t the faintest idea what muggles would need with electricity, is now in a computer program that teaches your child how to code. Your child can put together their own interactive wand and learn to code with challenges in the Harry Potter universe.

7. Build Your Own Superhero Gear

This kit teaches children how to be an Avenger by helping them invent their own high-tech superhero gear. Whether it’s Iron Man’s arm, or something entirely new, it will surely inspire your child to use their STEM skills to build something great.

Sure, you can give toys this year that are just for fun by why when they can teach STEM principals, too?

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