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CDC shares striking numbers with the salmonella outbreak linked to backyard chickens

The Centers for Disease Control says there is a nationwide salmonella outbreak and it has been linked to backyard chickens

Doctors share children under the age of five are at high risk.

The released report from the CDC says more than two hundred people have fallen ill due to this salmonella uptick.
Cases have been reported in 41 states, including Texas and the symptoms are no fun.
“It’s going to be fevers and chills you’re going to have your abdominal cramping you’re going to have diarrhea,” says Corpus Christi Nueces County Public Health Physician Dr. Kim Onufrak.
The CDC says contact with backyard poultry, like chicks and ducklings, are probably the sources of the outbreak.
Doctors say salmonella can last 4-7 days and also say that you always want to wash your hands after handling live poultry.
A good tip to is also for you not to treat your live poultry like family meaning not let them walk around your home.
And do not kiss your live poultry because that as well can major health issues.
The CDC has tied some of the cases to poultry from hatcheries or agricultural stores.
Corpus Christi residents can raise chickens in their backyards but they must follow city ordinances to see the requirements check out this link.


Jeremiah Marshall

Jeremiah Marshall

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