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Canadian police constable personally writes huge ticket for flicking cigarette butt

Victoria, British Columbia, Chief Constable Del Manak believes in punishing criminals when they break laws.

Even for crimes like littering and fire safety.

The Gray News Group reports the chief recently wrote a hefty ticket after a 21-year-old driver flicked a cigarette butt out of his Ford Mustang while in traffic while Manak was driving nearby.

The chief took to social media to express his displeasure.

“575 reasons to not throw your lit cigarette out the car window in front of @vicpdcanada,” he tweeted. “Happened in front of me on the hwy.”

Manak pulled the violator over and admonished him.

“When asked why (he did it), driver replied, ‘I didn’t want my car to burn’ as he pointed to his cup holder in console,” the chief’s post said. “My response, ‘Then don’t smoke in your car.’”

It sent a hefty fine of $575 Canadian (about $433 in American funds)  up in the smoke because of the driver’s negligence of the laws.

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

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