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Is San Antonio-Austin market primed for next NFL team?

Venerable Sports Illustrated reporter Albert Breer says the San Antonio-Austin market makes economic sense for an NFL franchise.

The Monday Morning Quarterback’s round table this week kicked around the idea of which cities or areas merited the league’s newest expansion team.

Breer nominated the San Antonio-Austin corridor, saying the area is “ripe and ready” with population growth, growing interest, wealth and a “strong fervor for football.”

Interestingly, San Antonio’s television market already is larger than current NFL markets Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cincinnati and soon-to-be franchise location Las Vegas.

The San Antonio market eagerly supported the recent Alliance of American Football, leading the league in attendance despite its short history.

The question for San Antonio has always been how Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Houston ownership would react when the NFL owners go behind closed doors to ponder expansion.

But the San Antonio-Austin’s growth might be too much to overlook — some day.

“I know the McNairs and Joneses won’t like it, but the best unoccupied market in these United States is sitting right down the road from Houston and Dallas in Central Texas,” Sports Illustrated said. “That’s right, a little over a decade after both the Raiders and Saints flirted with the area, the San Antonio/Austin metroplex (yup, we’ll steal that from Dallas too) is ripe and ready to be home to an NFL team.”

And when that comes, the Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend area would be critical for a potential NFL team developing up Interstate 37.

Would you support the team?

And do you think it could ever crack the sizable traditional fanbases for teams like the Cowboys and Texans?


Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

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