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Live broadcast of Trump’s visit to Normandy will be shown on KDF Thursday morning

The NBC News live broadcast of President Donald Trump’s visit to Normandy to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day will be carried beginning at 4 a.m. Thursday on KDF.

The broadcast of Trump’s appearance is expected to continue for about 90 minutes.

On Thursday, the president and first lady were to attend World War II commemoration services at the U.S. Cemetery in Normandy, where thousands of American D-Day casualties were laid to rest. Mr. Trump was to join French President Emmanuel Macron on that part of the trip.

Earlier today, the Trumps participated in commemorative events in Portsmouth, England, the first of two days of ceremonies. Portsmouth, on the southern English coast, was one of the primary points of departure for the Allied forces as they struck out across the English Channel to invade Normandy.


Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

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