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6 Investigates: Former City Attorney Suing City

Former City Attorney M. Michael Meyer is suing the City of Corpus Christi for discrimination and retaliation after being fired last summer, despite outstanding performance reviews and public praise from his own bosses as a “seasoned attorney,” who won cases the city might have otherwise paid to settle.

6 Investigates Follows-Up: While Taft’s city leaders stand by, citizens step in

A 6 Investigates report on Taft’s code enforcement problems moved a couple of men to become part of the solution. The report, which aired July 20, shined a light on a problem many residents lay at the feet of Taft City Manager Denise Hitt, who, according to some, has taken a hands-off approach to code enforcement. Meanwhile, abandoned lots and vacant homes dot the town and in many cases, weeds stand five- and six-feet tall, attracting rodents and other pests, like mosquitoes. Pete …

6 Investigates Follows-Up: Govt. pushes for more fracking below city reservoir

There’s probably oil and gas beneath Choke Canyon, itself a large link in the city’s water supply chain, and now the federal government wants to open thousands of acres below the lake for oil and gas fracking. The moves comes about a year after the government leased about 1,600 acres for fracking below Choke Canyon, over the protests of not only environmental concerns, but, the City of Corpus Christi. It’s a situation we’ve been following for quite some time and, as always, the publ…

6 Investigates: By-Passed

The Interstate 69 project now working its way across Texas is expected to be an economic shot-in-the-arm for many communities, but 6 Investigates finds the project carries a significant downside, for one community, in particular.

6 Investigates: Nurse Anesthetists back Spohn, EmergencHealth

An internal leaked by several sources to 6 Investigates seeks to reassure Spohn associates that the system’s chosen anesthesia services provider – "EmergencHealth" – is staffed by "highly qualified and experienced" team. The memo, from Christus Spohn President Justin Doss, also criticizes our on-going reporting into the system’s decision to contract with EmergencHealth. Read Doss’s full memo, here: And yet, neither Doss, nor EmergencHeal…

6 Investigates: Overgrown

Tall weeds, overgrown lots, dilapidated homes – 6 Investigates takes a trip over the bridge to the tiny town of Taft, where residents accuse city leaders of being lax on code enforcement problems. If you live in Taft and would like to report a code enforcement problem, call: 361-528-3512

6 Investigates: References don’t check out for city sports complex developer

Back in May, KRIS 6 News told you about a deal with the City of Corpus Christi and SQH Sports. The City Council was close to leasing additional valuable city land to the group for just a $1 per year. And at the time, SQH claimed to have extensive experience in San Antonio. It’s experience the company says it will use  to build a $25 million dollar sports complex, off the Crosstown Expressway. KRIS 6 Investigates obtained a copy of an internal memo that listed SQH Sports&

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